Subject: English Supplementary 4                Code: E22204

Level: Grade 8                   Semester: 2         Time: 80 hrs.       Credit: 2.0  

        The aim of the course is to develop communicative skills in English(listening and reading  comprehension and written and oral expression, communicative interaction and mediation).At the same time, the course aims to promote autonomous learning, self-assessment, and remedial work with the students. 

Learning Outcomes: 

    • The development of interpersonal skills and the capacity for teamwork 
      Participating in small groups  and in group work and group projects. Being involved in activities where consensus is sought (making decisions with others).

    • The ability to relate the geographical and historical aspects of the English-speaking world and its most relevant institutions with contemporary culture and society: Consolidation of the contents of introduced in History and Culture of English-Speaking Countries.
      Through the analysis of media discourse and other relevant written and audiovisual material, the students will become familiar with the most relevant aspects and events of English-speaking countries in order to better understand their evolution and current situation.