Code:  En21201       Subject:  Listening-Speaking English    Teacher: Gene D. Neri Jr.

Level: M. 1             Semester:       1/2020             Time:   40 hours           Credit:  1.0

To practice Basic English in order to enter the society and foreign cultures in different countries, nationalities and sports. Identify their abilities, appearance and things and other subject. Be able to get the main ideas, details from the passages that they read or listen about their home furniture, appliances and insects. Able to describe personal character, jobs, tell time and make arrangement in the classroom and in the real life situations. Realize the benefits, values of learning English language and use it to seek more knowledge and pleasure.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Read aloud passages using correct pronunciation and tone appropriate to the text, at the level for the class.
  2. Be able to present English interpretation and assessment of the information.
  3. Use the foreign language in appropriate manners, gestures when communicating with different people consistent with the culture of the native speaker.
  4. Know the history behind the traditions, national and religious holidays in the culture of the native speakers.
  5. Develop the basic language skills to improve the learner's global vision.
  6. Use the foreign language to communicate with people, in school, community and society.